Since the introduction of the World Wide Web in 1991, its popularity and content have exploded beyond all expectations. As of April 10th, 1996, there are an estimated 42 million users of the Internet, and by the year 2000 that number will increase to over 500 million. According to Newsweek, by the year 2000, every company will be on the Internet. The World Wide Web enables a company to save time, resources, and money, while reaching and serving a global market. On the Web, the customer is actively seeking you out. They will retain your message better because they want the information, the medium is interactive, and it uses multi-media in it's truest sense.


An important feature of the internet is its E-mail function. By using E-mail, a user can communicate with others at the cost of connection time to the local bureau. There is no IDD charge. E-mail also benefits an organization's communication with its potential investors, shareholders and staff as senior management can send messages to them on a personal basis. Remote or international offices can also communicate with the Headquarters at the cost of a local call or in the case where a local internet providers is not available, at the cost of a very short international call by connecting to the bureau in Hong Kong.

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